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Product introduction
Liquating Quartz

    This smelting quartz block is manufactured by our company with superior quartz stone. It is developed through a special process of electric smelting. This product is stable and has few impurities. It contains more than 99.96% SiO2, so it is the best raw material for processing micronization silicon and other products. It is also widely used in many trades such as electronics, latex, chinaware and the manufacturing of fireproof material, etc. Specifications: 10---50 mm block, 10---30 mm flake

Technical indicators
10,000 ton/ annum
    The Qinghai Delingha Quartz Producing Co., Ltd. lies in the famous Caidam Basin, and engages mainly in producing smelting quartz with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons. The company occupies an area of 28 mu, and has a production area of 1,800 m2, one exclusive transmission line of 35 KV and one transformer substation. Delingha city, where the company stands, is also the location of the government of the Tibetan and Mongolian autonomous prefecture and the center of local politics, culture and economy. The Qinghai-Tibet railway and fifteen national roads join there, so the transportation is convenient. The company manufactures high-class liquidating quartz products with a high degree of purity, relying on the superior quartz materials of the Caidam basin and abundant local power resources. The company uses advanced production facilities and technologies.
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