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About lake salt

Salt industry building

    Qinghai Salt Company Ltd. established in April, 2000 with its former body being Qinghai Salt Industrial Company in 1950, is a main body enterprise in Qinghai Province and it is an integrated company with salt production, transportation and marketing, and a state-appointed salt production enterprise that has been listed as one of the State Top One Hundred Enterprises in Salt Exploitation and Manufacture. Currently, there are more than 1,200 employees working for the company and the company consists of 5 propriety subsidiary companies, 2 share subsidiary companies and 3 straight subsidiary companies.
    The main products of the company fall into three series, namely industrial salt, edible salt and Tibet Peru purple azo dye salt. These three series of products are further divided into more than 50 types. The ¡°Keke¡± and ¡°Haishen¡±-branded saline salts are the provincial name brand products. The company has an annual comprehensive productivity of 2,500,000 m/t of all salt types. Its saline salt, which contains inorganic mineral substances of more than 20 types and amino acid of more than 8 types as well as various trace elements necessary for human body, is greatly favored by consumers for its purely white color and really tasty flavor. Chaka Saline Lake and Keke Saline Lake, the company¡¯s major salt production areas, are the first state standardized organic food raw material production bases. The products are sold not only in the other 12 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over the country, but also exported to some countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Singapore, etc. Moreover, the company has passed the authentication of ISO9000 Quality Control System.
    Having experienced ups and downs in more than 50 years, Qinghai Salt Share-holding Company Ltd. has gradually developed into a major salt production company in China? and one of the Top 50 Enterprises in Qinghai Province. For several times the company has received honorable titles such as The Financially Pillar Enterprise in Qinghai, Major Enterprise in Turning in Taxes and Profits in Qinghai Province, Advanced Economic Operation Unit in Qinghai and Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprise in Qinghai for its significant contribution to alleviating tense situation of salt industry in China, balancing supply and demand contradiction, safeguarding market supplies, guaranteeing local economic development as well as social stability.
    In the coming years, the company will, as it has always done, endeavor to carry out? the most important tasks of fulfilling the state table salt monopolizing policy, eliminating the harm arising from idodine shortage and ensuring people¡¯s health. With abundant saline lake resources, the company is determined to sufficiently develop and utilize various trace elements that are separated and precipitated into saline lake as a result of principal work scale production, so as to realize saline resources superiority supplementary and associated resources ecological equilibrium as well as to maximize resources utilization rate and achieve the goal of ¡°zero castoff discharge¡±. Moreover, the company endeavors? to further extend its industrial chain, develop salt chemical industry as well as the integrated salt chemical and carbonificated industry so as to form a circular economy development structure and to achieve its sustainable development.
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