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    Welcome to the web page of the Qinghai Salt Industry. Understand the development conditions of the Qinghai Salt Industry via the internet. Qinghai Province lies in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Caidamu Basin of Qinghai is abundant in mineral and saline resources, and the Chaka Salt Lake (with reserves of 450 million tons) and the Keke Salt Lake (with reserves of 1 billion tons), lying in the eastern part of the Basin, are very famous for their halite which contains more than 96% sodium chloride.

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Company introduction

    Qinghai Salt Industrial Incorporated Co. Ltd. (QSIICL), a large-scale enterprise for the production, transportation, and sale of Qinghai salt, was established in April 2000 and was certified to be a Foreign Capital Incorporated Co. Ltd. by the State Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade in March 2003, allowing it to increase foreign capital and expand stocks.

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  The products are shown

Salt Series
Industrial salt

    This product starts with unpolluted natural saline from the Qinghai plateau,which is then washed in order to eliminate impurities and to become an ideal chemically raw material.

Salt Root

    Its large transparent crystals are commonly
known as "Glass Salt" or "Crystal Salt", and it
can be used for making optical instruments.

Washed Salt

     This product uses natural lake salt from the
unpolluted Qinghai plateau, which is then wash
ed in order to eliminate impurities and to becom
e an ideal chemically raw material.

Tibet-Qinghai Salt

    These products are made with saline from
the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, over 3000m above
sea level, which was formed through natural

Special Industrial Salt

    This product uses natural lake salt as mate
rial, which comes from the unpolluted Qinghai
plateau, and is produced through refining and

Sun-dried Salt

     This product starts with natural salt brine
from the unpolluted saline of the Qinghai plate
au. This is formed into very white natural crysta
ls of practical size with a high sodium chloride

Edible Salt

Fine Salt

     It has fewer impurities, a very good taste and quality, and it is excellent for cooking and seaso ning.

Pulverized &Washed Salt

    This product, called halite in the Compen dium of Materia Medica, comes from Chaka lake on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Calcium Nutrient Salt

    It is suitable for all kinds of people who want to replenish calcium, and it is very economical, convenient and effective.

Zinc Nutrient Salt

    This is therefore a nutrient intensified
salt. It is not only used as a condiment but it
can also balance and replenish zinc and
iodine in the body.

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Liquating Quartz
Quartz glass
Quartz quarry
Duplicate salt
Leather antiseptic
Sea quartz
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