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Leaders' Address
Secretary of the Communist Party Committee/ Board Chairman: Liu Shengqiang
Vice Secretary of the Communist Party Committee/ General Manager: Wang Shuqing

    Welcome to the web page of the Qinghai Salt Industry. Understand the development conditions of the Qinghai Salt Industry via the internet.
    Qinghai Province lies in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Caidamu Basin of Qinghai is abundant in mineral and saline resources, and the Chaka Salt Lake (with reserves of 450 million tons) and the Keke Salt Lake (with reserves of 1 billion tons), lying in the eastern part of the Basin, are very famous for their halite which contains more than 96% sodium chloride. Qinghai is therefore ideally located for the chemical industry as well as for the edible salt industry.
    QSIICL has developed for more than 5 decades through reforms, benefiting from the abundant saline resources of both the Chaka Salt Lake and the Keke Salt Lake. Formerly a state-owned enterprise, QSIICL has, through incorporation and the investment of foreign capital, improved the method of salt production, going from a labor intensive process to a mechanized one. Its salt products include over 10 varieties, such as iodine, zinc and calcium salt, among others. Qinghai salt has been popular with consumers due to its good quality and pure taste, and its place of origin is a region with little human habitation, the pollutant-free interior of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is the only national salt product with a State Environmentally- Friendly certification. The annual volume of sales of Qinghai salt has consistently increased, bringing the company strong economic benefits which have put QSIICL well on the track of rapid and stable development, continuing beneficial changes, and expanded markets.
    QSIICL has made significant contributions to the economic development and social stability of Qinghai and has been commended many times by the Qinghai People's Government for its consistent implementation of such industry regulations as the Regulation on Salt Industry Management, and the Management Regulation on Iodine Salt Eliminating the Damage of Iodine Deficiency.
    The main themes of these times are reform, growth, and development, which are also the objectives pursued by the staff of QSIICL. Its guiding operational principle is being honest and keeping faith, and therefore QSIICL will always succeed in its goal to provide exemplary products and efficient service to its customers.
We welcome investors to invest in and develop QSIIC for our common good, and we wish all of your undertakings to flourish and all your wishes to be fulfilled in and out of Qinghai.

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